My library includes many inspiring books on various philosophies and religions. I started reading them again. I wanted to share some quotes from these books.

“Humankind needs a spiritual awareness more than ever to balance this explosion of technology and communication. We need a feeling for the nobility and responsibility…

Apparently the subject of internalization is widely studied in academic psychology and sociology. I am not an expert in the academic aspects of internalization but I am cognizant of my own mental processes. I wanted to share some of my observations.

Dictionaries define internalization as

  1. To make internal, personal, or…

My teacher Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has a simple advice. I often fail to follow this simple principle. I hope you can.

He uses the Sanskrit expression “Parama Purusha” to refer to God.

“Your every action should be with Parama Purusha. Without Him, your actions are as nothing, no matter how…

I used to go to Carmel (California) to heal and rejuvenate when I was a physicist. Carmel is my second favorite place the first being the Stanford campus. Alas, I live far from these places and get rare opportunities to visit.

My Carmel visit in March of 2005 was a…

Stanford University

I get overwhelmed with wonder when I contemplate the vastness of the Cosmos and the miracle of life. The truth of it all is beyond intellectual understanding. I know that! But, it is important for me to present a rational story of the universe. Many scientists and philosophers feel the…

Suresh Emre

Independent scientist

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